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Find below a glossary of answers to some questions you may have regarding admissions to Mother's Pride. In case you dont find what you are looking for, reach us directly.

About Mother's Pride / Curriculum

Why should I choose Mother's Pride for my child?

At Mother's Pride, love is the basis of our philosophy and here a child learns to start and enjoy learning with tender, loving care. We aim to blossom a child's personality by making the most of the formative years in an ideal learning environment. Education at Mother's Pride means 'Sound Foundation for life'. We prepare our children for life by imparting not only age-appropriate knowledge but also enhancing their talents and empowering them with life skills to ensure holistic development of the child that includes:

  • Physical Development
  • Intellectual Development
  • Language Development
  • Socio-Emotional Development
  • Creative Development
Does Mrs. Sudha Gupta manage the school directly?

Yes, Mrs. Sudha Gupta and her team of more than 100 in-charges in HO centrally manage all the branches. Each branch has a representative Branch Head who is responsible for foolproof execution of these lesson plans & activities.

Should I send him to school if he doesn't speak yet?

Our stage activities from the beginning enhance the language skills and confidence levels of each and every child. Not only this, all children conquer stage fright, and are trained to make the whole world a stage.

How would you inculcate the values, culture and vision that you are professing?

We believe in making our little geniuses 'Think Big'. Hence, each little event of life is celebrated with grandeur so as to provide opportunities to these aspiring tiny tots to perform before large audiences and give you moments of pride as parents. Our country is popular for its rich tradition and culture! The children who have their roots in such traditions are more grounded and have strong sense of family values. At Mother's Pride, we have a day specially set aside for grandparents. It's the day for grandparents to dance, play games, have fun and relive their childhood. As a mark of respect and as a token of our love, each grandparent is given a special gift.

How will you assess the development of my child?

We believe praise is the magic wand, which can do wonders to a child's personality. Each child at Mother's Pride is encouraged and applauded by awarding appreciation certificates every month for a various skills like leadership, confidence, communication ability or talents like singing, dancing, creativity and for exhibiting attributes like love, care, obedience and so on.


What is the quality/background of teachers that we have? Do they speak well in English?

Experienced and loving teachers are our biggest strength. The carefully selected staff is trained regularly about latest developments on early childhood education, child psychology, health and nutrition by a panel of experts. Besides possessing good communication skills, they are also specially trained to groom little children into leaders of tomorrow.

What about the class size and the student-teacher ratio that we follow?

Class size is between 25 and 30 and student teacher ratio is 15:1.

What is the student-maid ratio that you have?

Each class has a dedicated maid to help two teachers of the class. The washrooms across all floors have separate maids to assist the children with washing and cleaning.


What are the facilities that are unique to Mother's Pride?

Our unique facilities include air-conditioned environment, safe and comfortable transport system, settling zone, exclusive day boarding facility, ball pool, splash pool, imported round-edged equipment, and many more.

What are the activities that are unique to Mother's Pride?

Our exclusive activities for children include skating, taekwondo, dramatization and role-plays, educational trips, picnics and excursions, puppet show, story telling, sand play, water play, nature walk, structured intellectual and language activities, etc.

How will you ensure the safety and security of my child during activities like skating, taekwondo, picnics and excursions?

We have trained instructors, who in the presence of teachers, look after the safety and security of each and every child. In addition to this, we have regular rounds of school by Branch Heads & Academic Heads to ensure that your child's safety is of prime importance.


Why is Mother's Pride more expensive than other play schools?

The answer to this is our unparalleled quality. To ensure that every child receives holistic early education, and enjoys every bit of his/her childhood, we provide them with the facilities that no other playschool has. With so much in store for your child, a little difference in fee with other playschools is worth it.

What do monthly charges include?

Events, picnics, excursions, celebrations, activities, etc.

Why do you charge so much for transport?

If you look at the quality of vehicles, the amount we charge is very nominal. Further, all our children are accompanied by police-verified attendants and maids. All of these add to the amount, and of course, you can't ignore the inflation, which is also a big factor.

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